Cafés, Hotels & Restaurants

Lighting considered in a global way

Velum considers each building as a whole and includes all interior and exterior areas in the lighting study.

The challenges of lighting for your gastronomic or hotel establishment are numerous: embellish your reception areas, create a unique and distinctive identity and optimize the visual comfort of your customers and employees. With a range of fully customizable decorative fixtures, we can offer you unique lighting concepts. Our design office teams will work with you throughout your lighting project to achieve the desired result.


Innovative Full LED technology

Innovative technologies and optimized luminaire life: up to 60,000 hours of life 

Energy Consumption Reduction

Low-energy luminaires for real energy savings

Improved ease of use

Specific light sources (food, bakery, seafood, fish shops, etc.)


Product Enhancement

From general retail lighting to product accent lighting


Intelligent Lighting Management

DALI protocol, wirelessly connected luminaires, Tunable White technology


And Gives A Signature To An Establishment


Lighting creates an atmosphere and gives a signature to an establishment.

With a range of fully customizable decorative lighting fixtures, we offer unique lighting concepts.


A lighting in the era of time.

Light affects many vital processes in the human body and regulates individual well-being. Design and innovation, always at the cutting edge of technology...


Modern and high quality lighting for a restaurant.

For the well-being of both staff and customers, it is important to take care of your lighting.


Cleanliness & clarity

Intelligent lighting management with presence detectors can significantly reduce lighting energy costs.


Characterful interior, attractive exterior.

Taking care of the exterior lighting of your restaurant, hotel, bar... means taking care of the image of your business. Thus, the establishment gains in visibility and attractiveness.


Customized lighting: our designer lighting fixtures!

Imagin allows you to customize and bring to life each of your ideas! We offer you a range of 100% customizable design lights, in total adequacy with your project.


Enhancement of the spaces and beautification of the places.

The exterior façade and the shop windows are the first impression for the customer. Optimized LED lighting makes it possible to be identified from far away.


Good lighting for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere

It's all about creating an atmosphere that distracts and calms, while guaranteeing safety.


Modern and high quality lighting for a restaurant.

For the well-being of both staff and customers, it is important to take care of your lighting.

Did you know?


Light acts on many vital processes of the human body and regulates the well-being of individuals.

By varying the intensity and color temperature, VELUM creates a soothing light that helps visitors relax. If customers enjoy visual comfort, they will be satisfied with their experience and will tell others about the establishment.