• Innovative activities: 

Through its brands, the group offers products and services related to ecology, technology ... the FUTURE! 

  • A flexible and open organization: 

We believe that "silo" models are no longer effective for business. Do you like to work in teams and in collaboration with different departments? 

  • Challenges: 

In full expansion, we are in constant reflection and eager for new proposals

Design office
Join our team: research, developer, 3d designer ...
Salesmen in all France but also in Germany, in Portugal, in Spain...
Fitter, welder, powder coating ...
Customer service, sales, adv ...
Manage events, social networks, press kits ...

The velum values

The Velum Group was born out of a family business. Conviviality is a value that has been anchored in the company's culture since the beginning
Every day, we strive to be an innovative and pioneering organization in the "Industry of the Future" concept
Customer satisfaction
All our products comply with European standards and are tested by approved laboratories. At the end of the manufacturing process, a systematic control of the luminaires is carried out by our quality department. The after-sales service, in collaboration with the quality department, handles complaints quickly and efficiently.
We are committed to quality but also to the respect of our environment: QSE (Quality Security Environment) and RSE (Corporate Social Responsibility) certification

A spontaneous application?

Please contact us! We are open to new applications! 

Write to us: contact@velum.biz