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Velum supports your lighting projects from A to Z


Every project is unique!

That's why our personalized advice service helps you identify the best solution for your project.

They analyze surface plans to be lit and carry out layout studies using 2D drawing software, Zwcad, and 3D lighting simulation software, Dialux.

This enables us to evaluate the future lighting of the site according to the selected criteria, and to check that the specifications have been met.

3D simulation
and in-house laboratory.

But also, with our interior designer, you can now project yourself into your project with the help of our 3D models.

It designs a realistic 3D layout for your store, and suggests different fixture layouts.

On-site lighting optimization.


For professionals already equipped with lighting fixtures, our team of lighting consultants offers a free assessment of current lighting consumption.

This diagnosis identifies weaknesses in existing lighting systems. It serves as a basis for the design team to present customers with comprehensive lighting solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.


Our Design Office is at your disposal to recommend entirely customized lighting solutions, from design to installation.

The engineering department examines and designs entirely customized lighting solutions, from concept to installation.

They analyze plans and carry out layout studies (dialux) to assess the future lighting of the site according to selected criteria.

Total customization.


3D modeling lets the imagination take shape.

We listen to your needs and support you from conception to completion! With us, you take charge of your project!

And from fantasy to creation, opt for creative and relevant lighting with our range of made-to-measure products.


What better way to get started? Our added value in designing your project!

For a realistic rendering of your projects!

Our interior designer creates a realistic 3D layout, and suggests different fixture layouts.

In-house laboratory


In-house laboratory

It's a complete and versatile solution, integrated into a darkroom, allowing precise measurement of various photometric data such as luminous flux, color temperature, CRI, system power, photometric curve and much more...

It can be used to measure all types of luminaires, from small spotlights to public lighting lanterns and light conduits.


Let's measure the light together!

We evaluate the various lighting parameters using a photogoniometer.

We carry out tightness tests to directly assess the conformity of our luminaires and their specifications.

Innovation & know-how


We design lighting solutions incorporating the most advanced LED technologies. 

Looking to the future, we are
committed to offering our customers ever more intelligent, innovative and cost-effective solutions.


As a specialist in LED technology, VELUM boasts considerable know-how as a French manufacturer , certifying quality, durability and efficiency. VELUM's Design Office works daily to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, developing LED luminaires incorporating the latest technologies.

Thanks to this know-how, Velum enables its customers to :

  • optimize their operating costs
  • create an attractive ambience
  • arouse emotion
  • improve visual comfort