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The "Vitrine Industrie du Futur" label, awarded by the Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF), recognizes emblematic French industrial achievements.

French companies that have been awarded the "Vitrines Industrie du Futur" label are complete demonstrators of what a factory of the future can represent today.

This demanding distinction recognizes French industrial excellence by awarding the label to companies that have presented an innovative project across their entire organization, mainly through the use of digital tools.

Competitiveness by empowering digital technology to enhance customer value, production fluidity and flexibility.

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The label has a triple objective:

- Promote France's technological and digital offering on the national and international markets, by capitalizing on the success of these initial achievements, and by breaking down barriers between sectors,

- Demonstrate the operational performance of production lines and processes, the value created for the company, and the vital role played by men and women,

- Stimulate a strong industrial dynamic: by enabling French manufacturers to enrich their projects for the introduction of new technologies, through mutual inspiration and the sharing of best practices.

Alliance Industrie du Futur: "It's based on the idea that employees, with their know-how and interpersonal skills, are a major factor in the success of this process. The ultimate aim is to reposition the French offer of solutions for the industry of the future at the heart of the country's industrial revival. Alliance Industrie du Futur is a founding member of French Fab.