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Our CSR approach has been proactive since 2018.

For Velum, Corporate Social Responsibility is a lever for sustainable growth and performance. Velum wants to contribute to a better, more harmonious world.


ISO 26000 is defined as a global approach that takes into account people, society, the environment and the interactions between stakeholders.

Since August 2021, we have integrated a person in charge of quality and CSR within the company.

From 2022 onwards, its mission will be to measure our commitment and implement levers to improve our social and environmental responsibility.

Environmental commitments

Social Commitments

for employee well-being

Social Commitments

Awarded the "Vitrine De L'Industrie Du Futur" label

Ambassador of the French Fab Movement

Within the Group, we place CSR at the heart of our strategy, with the ambition of developing our internal practices and those of our customers, in the service of sustainable and inclusive growth.


Management at VELUM and President of CCE Grand Est







Being an inclusive and caring employer


  • Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Improving quality of life at work: optimized lighting - optimization of production workstations
  • Fitting out communal living and wellness areas

Being an eco-responsible company


  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • On a daily basis, implement structuring actions: eco-design, responsible purchasing, waste recovery, recycling (...)
  • Telecommuting and carpooling
  • Paper abolished since 2009
  • recyclum collection center - WEEE sector

Helping to preserve the planet


  • Our luminaires and services help reduce the environmental impact of cities
  • Intelligent LED lighting in premises (presence sensors, etc.)

An economic player open to society


  • Local development, short circuits wherever possible
  • Promoting exchanges with committed players
  • Anchoring our activities in local communities
  • Working with public authorities
  • Velum is committed to youth employment and welcomes work-study students, interns ...
  • Long-term partnerships with associations
  • Co-working space

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The Sustainable Development Goals :

Committed to a better, more sustainable future for all

The United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Program to 2030 in 2015, which defines a defines a 15-year plan to achieve :

"17 goals to transform the world.

In its own way, Velum is committed to offering solutions solutions. With our products and services, we are committed to to combat environmental degradation, for the climate and against inequalities.