Good lighting...

1. Increases productivity

2. Reducing accidents through visual fatigue

A high-performance lighting system in industrial environments enhances employee productivity, comfort and safety.

Logisticians and manufacturers are looking for versatile lighting solutions that combine functionality, performance and ergonomics.

High-performance lighting boosts productivity.

Dust, heat, cold, vibrations: we know the demands of the industrial sector. That's why VELUM offers tailor-made solutions for greater safety, economy and comfort, with a range of waterproof, resistant and long-lasting luminaires.


Innovative Full LED technology

Innovative technologies and optimized luminaire life: up to 60,000 hours of life 

Energy Consumption Reduction

Low-energy luminaires for real energy savings

Improved ease of use

Specific light sources (food, bakery, seafood, fish, etc.)


Intelligent Lighting Management

DALI protocol, wirelessly connected luminaires, Tunable White technology


Your Performance


Optimum viewing conditions

High ceilings generally require lighting that is sufficiently powerful and adapted to illuminate the different zones in warehouses and industries.


Safety, comfort, productivity

A high-performance lighting system in industrial environments enhances employee productivity, comfort and safety.


Robust, reliable, long-lasting lighting.

Whether for covered outdoor areas, facades, paths or parking lots, we offer effective solutions to guide pedestrians and drivers in complete safety.


Work more productively thanks to high visual comfort.

Lighting requirements play a decisive role in employee productivity and motivation.


Custom lighting: our designer fixtures!

Imagin lets you personalize your ideas and bring them to life! We offer you a range of designer lighting fixtures that can be 100% customized to suit your project.


Your first point of contact, your image.

Create a pleasant, positive atmosphere, in line with the company's identity, but also make it easier for employees and visitors to find their way around.

Did you know?


We spend around 80% of our time in enclosed spaces and, on average, eight hours a day in the workplace, where artificial light is often unable to compensate for the lack of natural light and its benefits for our bodies.

"The level of illumination must be adapted to the nature and precision of the work to be carried out", according to decree no. 83-721 and standard EN 12464-1.

It is important to provide sufficient but not glaring lighting.


Lighting for circadian rhythms

Circadian lighting reproduces sunlight according to the time of day or season. It allows you to vary the intensity and warmth of the artificial light produced to mimic the rhythm of the sun.

In industry, high lighting levels mean greater efficiency.

Indeed, during night work, the level of melatonin (sleep hormone) present in the metabolism increases, and attention and performance decline.

In conclusion, although circadian rhythms are unique to each individual, lighting can be adapted to the rhythm of the sun to ensure your employees' working comfort and contribute to their well-being in the workplace.