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Innovative velum lighting technologies enable intelligent, customized management:

- Control the light intensity of each luminaire

- Creation of specific zones or scenarios according to time slots and/or light intensity

- Wireless solutions control your lighting via smartphone or tablet

- Tunable White allows lighting color temperature to be varied over a 24-hour day to match human biological rhythms.

- Thanks to the DALI protocol, each luminaire can be dimmed from a control panel. Wirelessly connected luminaires can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

VELUM's LED technology is therefore the best on the lighting market.

Technical Appendix Intelligent lighting management


Lighting management



Thanks to intelligent lighting solutions,

save between 40% and 60% on your current consumption

Tomorrow's lighting will be intelligent and connected.

To limit excess electricity consumption and save energy, opt for intelligent lighting:

Continuous lighting control: its intuitive dashboard keeps you informed about lighting usage, enabling you to optimize operations at all your sites.


Total flexibility

Centralized management & control


Velum will support you in your project and offer you a comprehensive study.

- Reduce your energy costs by changing your lighting with Velum!

Take advantage of a free on-site energy diagnostic by our advisors.

The tertiary sector eco-energy decree requires tenants and owners of tertiary sector buildings or parts of buildings with a surface area of 1,000 m2 or more to monitor and reduce their energy consumption by 40% by 2023.