Studies & advices

In the early 2000s, VELUM inaugurated a “Research and Development” office. The design office offers you the best lighting solutions for all your projects. Our solutions are adapted to all types of professional facilities: shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, industries, supermarkets, etc.

Support during all your lighting projects

The design office

The design office assists and advises every professional wanting to install a new lighting system. As each project is unique, our team examines and creates fully customized LED lighting solution, from design to realisation.

The consultants analyse the plans of the area requiering lighting and carry out implementation studies using a simulation software called DIALUX, which allows the future lighting solution to be assessed according to the selected criteria. Then they optimize the lighting system through realistic 3D renderings and develop plans to facilitate installation work.

Realistic 3D rendering
False color view


Optimization of your lighting

For professionals already equipped with lighting fixtures, our team of consultants offers a free consumption assessement of their current lighting. 

This assessment is a diagnosis and consists in:

  • a detailed analysis of the current lighting system
  • an overview of enery consumption of the existing lighting system
  • an overview of operating costs and the lifespan of the lighting solution
  • a rationalisation of energy costs
  • a technical recommendation with a demonstration in support

This analysis identifies weaknesses in the lighting system in place. It serves as the basis and enables the design office to suggest comprehensive, aesthetic and cost-effective lighting solutions.

Innovation and know-how are at the heart of our approach

As a French manufacturer, VELUM has a significant expertise in LED technology that certifies quality, durability and efficiency. The VELUM Design Office works daily to be at the forefront of innovation and develops LED luminaires incorporating the latest technologies. 

With this know-how and the design office, VELUM enables its clients to:

  • optimize their operating costs
  • create an attractive atmosphere
  • enhance the quality of their products
  • improve visual comfort