Tailor-made lighting solutions

VELUM manufactures customisable and tailor-made LED luminaires, produced “just-in-time” according to the orders. VELUM also produces custom masts and brackets (personalised shades, specific heights, curved or inclined shapes, etc.) in order to offer lighting solutions perfectly in line with the clients expectations.

VELUM invests a lot in its design office in order to be always more innovative. Comprised of engineers and lighting specialists, the design office develops exclusive luminaires with a concern for aesthetics, light efficiency and energy saving. The team is available at any time to respond to any specific request.


The VELUM group created its own powder coating company named Azuria. Powder coating is used to customise products with an almost limitless range of colours. This system allows a simplified, uniform and ecological application for indoor and outdoor use.

Imagin by Velum

In 2018, VELUM launched Imagin by velum, and since then has been the first French lighting manufacturer to offer an online configurator created for architects and design offices.

Available on the website www.imagin.biz, the configurator is usable on computer, smartphone and tablet. 

Custom lighting

Imagin offers a range of fully customizable decorative luminaires: decorative suspensions, light, choice of bassin shape and size, cable texture and length, socket material, interior and exterior colour, etc.

This solution allows to customise your lighting fixtures with an endless combinations of design, colours, textures and accessories.

Countless possibilities are available so the user can let his imagination run free. The configurator is intuitive and will naturally guide the person to the appropriate luminaire. The user can create, try and test different combinations to end up making his project a unique and personal design.

If the user approves his prototype, VELUM design office will receive the project and send back an estimation of the price and the 3D files to the customer.

All VELUM products are custom-made on demand, according to the customer’s requests.VELUM guarantees all its products are manufactured in France.