Lighting solutions for offices, open spaces and meeting rooms

Suitable office lighting creates an environment of exchange and comfort for your employees and customers. Choosing efficient lighting means improving your productivity!

Innovative technology LED

VELUM produces lights with the innovative full LED technology which is adapted to the tertiary sector. Indeed, LED lights provide general visual comfort and lighting which respect the human life rhythm.

Control of the energy

Nowadays energy consumption must be kept under control in a sustainable way. VELUM supports businesses during their energy transition process. VELUM’s products make it possible for all types of companies to make real energy savings. So, energy efficiency of the LED lighting solutions helps to cut costs and reduce the environmental impact.

Tertiary lighting for well-being and comfort

The digitalization of the economy and the advent of new technologies are changing considerably the environment of work as well as the quality of the workplace expectations. More and more people are now working in offices and receive many visual stimuli all day long. An increasingly number of professionals are becoming aware of lighting as a decisive factor for productive work and motivated employees.

The natural sunlight is vital for the human being because it regulates the biological clock. So, light has a positive influence on mood and well-being at work. However, in the offices and other internal spaces there are sometimes not enough daylight. If employees enjoy a pleasant atmosphere that is suitable to work and visual comfort, they will be more motivated and productive.

Lighting solutions for offices must therefore meet more and more requirements. The biological rhythm regulates the sleep-wake cycle, and repeats roughly every 24 hours, according to the surrounding light. VELUM offers a circadian lighting adapted to our natural rhythm. This LED lighting is able to reproduce artificially the natural sunlight by changing the intensity and colour temperature of the light during the day.

Smart lighting management

VELUM offers an innovative technology which allows to control lighting thanks to the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system. This smart lighting management systems makes it possible to adjust the lighting level and functions at any time to meet all needs.