Lighting solutions for small businesses

VELUM optimise the lighting system of your shop with next generation lighting solutions. Commercial lighting is historical activity of our company, with more than 40 years of experience.

Mise en valeur de votre vitrine et de vos produits

Full LED lighting system : an innovative technology

The innovative full LED technology used to design our luminaires is very beneficial for small businesses. Some of the advantages of our solutions are :

  • Reducing the energy and maintenance costs of your lighting system
  • Improving the attractiveness of your shop window displays
  • Enhancing products values with accent lighting
  • Managing smartly your lighting control system

A significant amount of goods (food, textiles, cosmetics, etc.) can be affected by thermal radiations and infrared lights. Their quality deteriorate rapidly under this type of lights. The next generation LED lights solve this issue since they don’t release any harmful rays. You can safely use this lighting system on all sorts of products.

Reducing the energy and maintenance costs of your lighting system

VELUM supports businesses in their energy transition processes. The VELUM LED lights are more energy-friendly and cost-efficient than conventional lighting systems. The performance of LED lighting solutions allows our clients to reduce drasticly their energy costs and their ecological footprint. They can also expect a return of investment in 2-3 years.

Improving the attractiveness of your shop window displays

It is very important to pay attention to your outdoor lighting system. A well-lit window display is eye-catching and can increase the in-store traffic. VELUM offers solutions designed to limit backlight and also enhance the store exposure from outside. Therefore, the shop gain attractivess and improve considerably its business performance.

Enhancing products values with accent lighting

The types of products, the interior architecture and the different areas of the shop should be taken in consideration to design optimal illumination. The LED lights are very versatile, adjustable to all sorts of shops and help improve the customers visual comfort.

The quality of the light diffusion and the color rendering should be taken in account to preserve the authenticity of the products. Accent lighting is use to draw the customer’s attention to a specific area of the shop. Adequate lighting can be an effective tool to boost the sales.

Going further with a smart lighting control system

The innovative technologies offered by VELUM are designed for tailor-made purposes :

  • DALI lighting control system allows a precise adjustment of the light intensity with a control pannel
  • Wireless smart lighting is used to control the system with a smartphore or tablet
  • Tunable White technology is designed to designed to be able to change the colour and intensity of light at particular times accordingly to the natural cirdadian cycle.

Are you a shop owner in need of a better lighting system? Contact our office for more informations on our lighting solutions.