Light serving your industrial performance

Solutions d'éclairage pour Industries

Our professional lighting solutions

As a lighting for professional specialist, VELUM offers LED lighting solutions suitable for the industries.

The benefits of our solutions:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Improvement in well-being and work conditions for your employees
  • Respect of the life rhythm with an atmosphere imitating the natural light
  • Creation of a comfortable and appropriate visual atmosphere
  • Reduction of energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Decrease in risks of an accident
  • Enhancement of your know-how

Control of the energy

Energy consumption and maintenance costs must be kept under control for industries working round-the-clock or offices open all day long. VELUM’s high-performance technical solutions, smart lighting control system, power and light point distribution optimisation make it possible to:

  • Significantly reduce your electricity bill
  • Reduce the environmental impact, in order to respect the HQE (High Quality Environmental) standards
  • Cut maintenance costs

Thanks to our design office, you will maximize the lighting of your premises, offices and production spaces.


VELUM give assistance to businesses during their transformation by offering them solutions in resource optimization.

VELUM GOT THE LABEL “Industrie du Futur”

This certification highlights VELUM’s ability to anticipate while having its development on sustainable foundations. There are 4 pillars:

An agile factory:
Tailor-made products for the customer, quickly reconfigurable production tools, flow optimization, serial production of unit products

A connected plant:
Process digitization, 3D simulation, remote control, cybersecurity,…

A collaborative factory:
Project management, skills improvement, assistance by robots,…

A frugal plant:
Rationalization of purchasing, efficient management of raw materials and energy, waste recovery

French production

French LED lights manufacturer since 1975, VELUM is proud to contribute to the development of French industries and the attractiveness of its trades.

VELUM is a partner of the French Fab movement and manufactures its products in France for all its brands, thanks to its two production sites in Alsace and in the surroundings of Lyon.