Hospitality and catering


There are many lighting challenges for your establishment in the hospitality and catering industry. Lighting must highlight your reception areas, create a unique identity and maximize the visual comfort for both customers and employees. With a range of decorative and fully customizable lighting fixtures, we provide you unique lighting concepts. Our design office will support you throughout your lighting project to get you the lighting solutions you want.

Create an atmosphere while reducing your energy consumption costs

Your establishment must have a pleasant and attractive atmosphere. Our highly suitable solutions will fit the architecture of your property. We need first to analyse deeply the indoor area to be illuminated. Then our lighting experts will propose a unique lighting concept, in perfect harmony with the environment to be illuminated.

Currently, LED technology makes it possible to create cosy atmospheres with a warm colour temperature, while having a very long lifespan without maintenance (up to 60,000 hours). Moreover, the performance of VELUM LED lights reduce energy consumption costs.

Customize your own lamps

VELUM has developed a unique tool for decorators, architects, designer and other users: Imagin by Velum. This online configurator allows the user to customize its own lights using a simple internet connection. Then, the user can download the 3D files of the prototype in order to integrate them in a simulation software.

Let your imagination run free: choose your bassin shape and size, cable texture and length, socket material, interior and exterior colour, etc.

I create my own luminaire

Powder coating

Furthermore, the VELUM group created its own powder coating company named Azuria. Powder coating is used to protect and to paint products with an almost limitless range of colours.

Optimizing the outdoor lighting to catch the customers’ attention

Pampering the outdoor lighting of your restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel means taking care of the whole industry image. The frontage and the windows are the customer’s first impression. A good outdoor LED lighting make your business visible from far away. So, your establishment will gain visibility and attractiveness.

Lighting for well-being and visual comfort

Light affects many vital processes in the human body and regulates the well-being of individuals. By varying the intensity and colour temperature, VELUM creates a light that helps visitors to relax. This process is called “circadian lighting” and is essential for the lighting of restaurants, cafés, hotels and bars. Actually, if clients enjoy visual comfort, they will be satisfied with their experience and will recommend your establishment to their relatives.

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