Public spaces

Indoor and Outdoor lighting solutions for communities

Improving public lighting is an important issue that cities and institutions needs to adress. Thanks to the expertise of our design office, we provide uselful advices to optimise the quality of street lighting.

Innovative Full LED lighting technologies

The innovation Full LED and “Smart City” technologies offered by VELUM are now fundamental for street lighting.

Our Outdoor LED solutions are designed to be waterproof and efficient event at high heights. Our Indoor LED solutions are modular and adaptable to the standards of all types of environnement : gymnasium, parc, parking, conference room, etc.

The longer lifespan and high-efficiency of our products range significantly reduce both maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Public lighting equipment is getting obsolete

According to the European Streetlight EPC project, between 2012 and 2017 almost 80% of street lighting fixtures should have been or should be replaced as result of new European regulations. Currently in France, nearly 40% of public lighting equipment is more than 25 years old.

According to the European project Streetlight EPC

The benefits of LED lighting for energy optimisation

The renovation or placement of obsolete installations in cities could generate between 40% and 70% energy savings. LED lighting solutions are energy-efficient and can reduce ecological footprint and consumption costs at the same time.

French Association of lighting

Enhancing spaces and buildings

Outdoor lighting in public spaces consists of :

  • illuminating traffic lanes
  • delimiting and enhancing green spaces
  • lighting buildings facades and monuments to enhance their architectural beauty

Thanks to its innovative design office, Velum creates and manufactures LED lighting solutions tailored to your needs.

Indoor lighting of public spaces

Urban lighting also includes lighting for indoor public spaces. Our LED luminaires fit perfectly into all types of locations: offices, conference rooms, corridors, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

VELUM offers lighting solutions designed to respect the biological rhythm over a 24-hour day, thanks to the Tunable White technology. Also called circadian lighting, this process allows to artificially reproduce daylight, by varying the intensity and color temperature of the light over 24 hours.

Improve and ensure safety through lighting

Light transmits a feeling of safety, especially at night. Most French people say that public lighting is a central safety factor, especially on roads. Optimual LED lighting provides full visibility without glare thanks to suitable optics. In addition, upgrading street lighting means increasing the safety of cities and reducing urban crime.