Our applications

VELUM is your partner for all types of sector

VELUM is a French lighting manufacturer for professionals. Commercial lighting has been our historical activity for more than 40 years. Recently we have widened our sphere of activity as well as our product range.

The LED technology allows a great diversity of lighting types and is very advantageous for all sectors of activities: shops, food retailers, offices, industries, public areas, hospitality and catering… Our solutions are therefore adapted to all types of professional environments even the most demanding.

Eco-friendly technology

LED lighting solutions make it possible to reduce the ecological footprint of each company. This type of light sources is energy-friendly and have an exceptional lifespan. Moreover, they contain no toxic materials and are recyclable.

Cost savings

Furthermore, LED equipment significantly reduces the energy consumption and maintenance costs, which allows them to be quickly profitable.

Circadian lighting

VELUM provides a circadian lighting adapted to our biological rhythm which offers a visual comfort at work. This LED lighting is able to reproduce artificially the natural sunlight by changing the intensity and color temperature of the light during the day.

Smart lighting management

VELUM offers an innovative technology which allows to control lighting thanks to the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system. This smart lighting management systems allows a precise adjustment of the light intensity with a control panel. The lights connected wirelessly allow control from your smartphone or tablet.

The LED technology offered by VELUM is therefore one of the best technologies on the lighting market.