VELUM is a partner of the “Journées de l’architecture” 2019 (Days of Architecture)

The “Journées de l’architecture” festival took place every year since 2000 and is built around one chosen pre-determined theme.

La Maison Européenne de l’Architecture (European House of Architecture)

It is a Franco-German association created in 2005 that organizes the annual “Journées de l’architecture” festival.

Thanks to this festival, the “Maison Européenne de l’Architecture” offers to people from France, Germany and Switzerland the opportunity to discover architecture in every shape and form. Each year, the festival attracts a wide audience: more than 40,000 participants per year.

In 2010 the association changed its name. Officially renamed “Maison européenne de l’architecture – Rhin supérieur” the association want now to develop an annual program of events around architecture.

Today, the association is composed of more than 200 volunteers, 300 members and takes part of the network of “Maisons de l’architecture”. (Network of French Houses of Architecture).

The main goals of the European House of Architecture

  • Organize the annual festival “the Days of Architecture”

  • Raise awareness of architecture among all types of audiences by promoting architectural culture

  • Develop exchanges between architectural professionals in a cross-border region

  • Multiply intercultural exchanges around architecture

Les Journées de l’architecture (Days of Architecture)

The festival took place for the first time in October 2000 in Strasbourg. Every year, the events offered throughout the month are many and various.

Over the years the festival became more and more famous and appeals now more and more diverse audiences and a growing number of places and cities. It is an essential event that is the starting point of the regional and cross-border cultural season.


For the 19th edition the festival will occur between from the 27th September to the 31st October 2019. The theme chosen will be “Transitions” which is divided into seven parts.

VELUM is once again a partner of the “Journées de l’Architecture” this year. We will be present at the conference evening organized in the Zenith of Strasbourg the 11th October as well as the closing evening of the festival on 31st October in Offenburg.