Sheep to mow our lawns

Passionate about wildlife, the management of VELUM has decided to buy sheep in order to replace the lawnmowers.

In this way in march 2019 we welcomed four sheep on the VELUM headquarters in Bischoffsheim (France). Upon their arrival, two babies have been born and they bring happiness to the employees.

These ovine came from the island of Ouessant off the coast of Brittany. Despite it is one of the smallest breeds of sheep in the world, they are famous for their huge grazing ability.

A shepherd has taken care of their arrival and regularly comes to provide them with all the necessary care.

Our sheep currently have shelters and one-fifth of the “green” area of the site. However, our sheep should see their land gradually expand.

The whole VELUM team became attached to these animals and we take care of them permanently. We will also very soon organize an internal vote to choose the names of our sheep.

The VELUM family should grow before the end of the year as it is expected that chickens will also arrive on the site.