Our benefits


Our team offers turnkey solutions with a personalised customer care including an assessment of existing your lighting system and assistance with the product installation. Velum garantees :


  • Overall free assessment to define a smarter lighting management system
  • Effective services tailored to each work environment
  • High-yield solutions and quick return on investment


  • Energy cost savings
  • No maintenance costs : LED lights have a lifespan up to 10 000 hours
  • Cut back on the environmental footprint, according to High Quality Environmental (HQE) standards

Comfort and safety

  • Smarter layout of lighting units to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Uniform level of brightness to reduce the effects of glare and reflections
  • Conception of a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere suitable for every workspace


Since 2016, Velum has its own powder coating facility to customise products with a wide range of colors. This process allows a simplified, uniform and ecological application for indoor and outdoor use. We also respond to subcontracting requests.

The advantages :

  • Can be used on various metal materials (steel, stainless steel and aluminium)
  • Wide range of shades and finish styles (mat, glossy, etc.) for all shapes
  • Addition of an anti-corrosion primer layer for outdoor equipment
  • Waste reduction and optimisation of the amount of product used in the process
  • The remaining powder is collected and reused for the next applications
  • Zero-waste system : No volatile organic componds (VOC) is released in the atmosphere contrary to the liquid coating