The company history begins in the garage of a family home in 1975. Claude VETTER and his wife Clarisse took the plunge and started selling neon lights under the name Velum (contraction of the name « Vetter » and « Lumiere» the French word for light).

  • 1980s
    From the eighties onwards, the company has met a skyrocketing growth : the founding couple widened the product range and expanded steadily in multiple countries across Europe.

  • 1990s
    During the 1990s the company hit the jackpot : Velum managed to tap into the mass distribution market and started providing solutions for the market leaders.
Direction du Groupe Velum basé à Bischoffsheim en Alsace - France
  • 2000s
    10 years later, Velum unveiled its new design office to offer tailor-made and fully customisable solutions according to customer needs.

  • 2010s
    In 2011, the creator’s daughter Anne VETTER-TIFRIT and her husband Lionel took the lead of the company. As a result of this change, Velum invested in a new production facilities and acquiered couple of businesses (Solycome, City U) to enter the outdoor lighting market as well as the urban furniture market.